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Friday, February 22, 2008

Who gains?

Sick and tired... we all are.

Sick of the politicking, tired of the posturings. Sick of selective Senate inquiries, tired of manipulating the masses.

Suppose President Arroyo goes now, who gains? If we take a moment to look at the present players in the ruckus created by JLO Lozada, we might not go out rushing to the streets, screaming for revolution, whether moral or not. (A note: one wonders if there ever is a moral revolution - all revolutions are exigencies of history and has nothing whatsoever to do with morality. Though fine men and women throughout history have espoused revolutions, not one of them was a dethroned Speaker. But that is another story).

There is a buzz that Lozada may not be lonesome cowboy taking on the State. His secret meetings with opposition senators have done more to fan the suspicion that he may be following a well-written script produced to affect not only the outcome of the 2010 elections but to test the waters for an immediate power grab. There is no lack of personalities and groups that are drooling over the idea of ascending into political power right away. Especially those who have 3rd or 4th-rate chances to win in 201o....

With the Pinoy penchant for telenovelas, Lozada's antics (and the script he closely follows) was just what the politicians needed. In the face of GMA's political consolidation, with the opposition in disarray or close to it due to unbridled self-interest among presidentiables, Jun Lozada was a blessing from heaven or from nether. Or is he a simple probinsyanong intsik thrust into the limelight of our history? Or is he a brilliant part of a diabolic plot to topple the government with us, the people, the unwitting accomplices of our own doom?

We'd welcome a little stablity and let our politcal system grow a bit more mature and let the electoral process assume a life of its own. American democracy, for all its flaws and strengths, did not come to pass overnight. We cant' have people power every forthnight and make a mockery of our own judicial system.


Anonymous said...

Log on to and see for yourselves how the long evil arm of JDV has involved Lozada, who is the consultant on all China deals of JDV!

Shame on him and Gina to be lambasting the President when their own son had tried to make a bid for a government project through his Amsterdam Holdings Inc, IN DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION!!!


Anonymous said...

Lozada started his senate appearance with some semblance of trustworthiness. However, when upon Sen. Santiago's questioning and his confirmation of wrongdoing, perceptions have changed. Days went on and the true colours started to appear. How can we have an independent witness whose supposed sole purpose was to expose the truth when you now see the same witness in the political opposition's gatherings? That he has been in contact with these politicians well before he flew to Hong Kong! How can we not have these doubts now that most of his claims are nothing more but opposition politicians' script?

I dread to see the day when all of these scenarios are done with and the politicians having achieved what the desired using Mr. Lozada. Where and what will he be by then?

Anonymous said...


Mukhang kaduda-duda ang naging panalo ni Pacman kay Marquez ng Mexico nitong Linggo, March 16, sa kanilang super featherweight championship bout sa Las Vegas. Sakali man, dapat ay naging draw ang laban at champion pa rin si Marquez.

May bali-balitang sinuhulan ni Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo yung dalawang judges para manalo si Pacman. Ganun na raw ka-desperado ang administrasyong Arroyo kaya dinaya pati laban ni Pacman upang muling mapag-isa ang mamamayang Pilipino na pinagwatak-watak ni Jun Lozada.

Kaya nananawagan ako sa mga magigiting na senador - Ping Lacson, Jamby Madrigal, Allan Peter Cayetano at iba pa - na imbestigahin ng Senado ang panalo kuno ni Pacman.

Pwedeng kunin nila uling witness sina Jun Lozada, Joey de Venecia, Dante Madriaga at iba pang graduates ng Ping Academy of Paid Witnesses. Kayang-kaya ng mga yan na ikonekta ang kaduda-dudang panalo ni Pacman sa NBN ZTE scandal at lalung lituhin ang mga tao para pwersahing mag-resign si Gloria.

Nandoon sa Mandalay Bay Hotel, kung saan ginanap ang laban, sina Lito Atienza, Chavit Singson, at iba pang alipures ni Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Naroon din daw sina Ben Abalos at Garcillano. Palagay ko ay in-operate ng mga yan ang laban kaya nanalo si Pacman.

Tyinempo pa nila ang laban sa kainitan ng gulong pampulitika sa bansa na biglang natahimik dahil sa laban nina Pacman at Marquez. Pati si Rep. Darlene Custodio na anti-Arroyo at nakalaban ni Pacman sa pagka-congressman ng GenSan noong nakaraang eleksyon ay ipinakita sa TV na nakikiisa sa mga nagchi-cheer kay Pacman.

Si Mayor Lim naman ng Manila, na anti-Arroyo din, ay nagpatatayo ng mga giant screens para lang mapanood ng libre ng mga tao ang laban. Di nya ginawa ito noong Pacman-Morales fight. Nabili na ng administrasyon ang dalawang yan kaya dapat imbestigahin sila ng Senado

Malinaw ang mga indikasyon kinamada ang labang Pacman-Marquez para sa interes ng gobyernong Arroyo. Pustahan tayo, tyak sa pupunta si Pacman sa Malacanang pagdating nya mula sa U.S.

Tinatawagan ko rin ang mga banal na pari at madre upang ilantad ang katotohanan sa likod ng pagkapanalo ni Pacman. Dapat ay mag-rally sila pagdating ni Pacman sa airport na tyak sasalubungin na naman ng tao bilang bayani.

Dapat magprotesta ang mga banal na pari at madre dahil sinasapawan ni Pacman ang bayani ng mga pari at madre - si Jun Lozada.

Mas tunay na bayani si Jun Lozada dahil si Macapagal-Arroyo ang pababagsakin. Si Pacman, si Marquez lang ang pinabagsak - nahirapan pa. #

Damian Sotto, Jr.