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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A reader's view

I’d like to share this comment from the post below, “What would they call it?” It succinctly captures another, inarguably unpopular sentiment nowadays, yet, as I have always maintained, such voices – anonymous, passionate, patriotic - may yet prove to be the most rational and may just save our country in the end. They deserve to be heard…..

Anonymous said...

It is quite clear that the “NBN-ZTE Deal” is a dead matter. Jun Lozada is merely being used as a political pawn by the opposition in its desperate attempts to steal power from the current administration. I come from the Visayas and very few people here care about political issues concerning the nation and yet I still feel the weak yet resonating effects of evil plots and acts of destabilization carried out by a few opposition Senators, Congressmen, radical priests and nuns, oppositionist businessmen and the media in Metro Manila. Cory Aquino has turned desperate and has nothing to do but call for the resignation of almost all the presidents that succeed her. She has lost her identity as she allows herself to be ingeniously manipulated by extreme oppositionists. The church should also refrain from joining and partaking in deliberate acts of politics. Bishops, priests, and nuns should remain NEUTRAL and reflect on their true purpose as the guardians of the people’s FAITH and MORALITY not as tools for political maneuverings headed by jejune oppositionist “trapos” seated in the Legislative Department. The Senate is a venue of legislation and is not to hold judiciary processes such as their so-called “inquiries” which in actuality are unconstitutional hearings benefiting only the opposition. The media are also to be considered as the merchants of chaos in the country. The media’s abuse of their right to published, aired and televised expression has gone too far and that it is quite obvious that THE LEADING TELEVISION NETWORK AND NEWSPAPER HAVE BECOME ONE-SIDED PROTEGES OF THE OPPOSITION who have confidingly upheld Lozada’s fake credibility to a point of worship and idolatry. Jun Lozada and that Madriaga coot have trifled with the sanctity of speaking under oath with their deceitful statements that tell of nothing but twisted versions of the truth as they are controlled as puppets by still anonymous handlers. I could really attest that it is highly probable that in the near future(several months from now when the opposition has extracted every single drop of political gain from Jun Lozada), Jun Lozada may be assassinated under the orders of his own oppositionist handlers who promise him large sums of money, security and privileges in exchange for his lies so that the Arroyo administration will be falsely blamed. Enough with the political circuses causing ruckuses to our country! I call for Charter Change towards a Parliamentary form of government wherein the Senate and Congress (the main beneficiaries of wealth through corruption) shall be dissolved and the opposition shall lose its power.All those in favor of Jun Lozada and Madriaga’s erroneous testimonies are not to be welcomed to post comments on blogsites and newspaper sections especially those who post rudimentary and dumb comments defending Lozada. They are gullible morons just like the majority of scoundrels in Metro Manila. Their use of the Filipino language instead of proper and precise English is informal and dictates that they, just like the majority of opposition supporters, are uneducated and are wretchedly in denial! I am a college student here in the “City of Friendship” and I am not being paid to articulate my opinion and I would never trade my self-principles for money! I do not need bribes to explicate my true opinions! Persons the likes of fanatic “Lozada-worshippers” insinuating false allegations against PGMA and her administration are to be obliterated. PGMA has done a lot of good for our country. A lot of infrastructure and economic development has and is still going on in our provinces. She has lifted the Filipino towards greater heights as she is the most qualified and able president in our forsaken country’s history. She has done nothing anomalous and only uneducated persons with low IQ’s easily believe the deceitful allegations against the president made by that “crying lady” Jun Lozada. Jun Lozada is a fool for having caused division and disunity in our country but I assure you who read my comment that we who live in the Visayas strongly support the president and her administration. Almost all of us here in the Visayas and a great percentage of the country support the president and we rebuke Lozada’s lies and false allegations. The media may exaggerate and falsely implicate that majority of the country distrust PGMA but it is all but a gargantuan lie for the facts point out that only Metro Manila is squabbling about these political issues. We have had enough of Metro Manila’s monopoly of political opinion and demonstration. They think they own the country! What about the greater majority of the country who think contrary to you who lurk in Metro Manila? Those who rally for the opposition are clearly destitute partisans being paid or morally manipulated to do the opposition’s bidding. How dare you blame our president! She has done nothing evil and corrupt. She did not directly cancel the “NBN ZTE” deal with China in order to preserve our country’s diplomatic relations for to automatically cancel the contract would be a huge insult towards the Chinese Government and may cause them to halt investments to our country thus starving numerous workers and laborers.
February 27, 2008 1:43 PM


Anonymous said...

Re Jun Lozada: Everytime I see him at the Senate, I can only observe how much his head has swelled at all the adulation and tags of being a hero. Looking at his facial expressions, he has lost all humility and instead he seems to want to have monopoly of being the only one who speaks of the truth. Ang yabang! The last thing I would like to happen is for him to even set foot at the schools where my children study. That's why I ask my son (from Ateneo) and my Daughters (from School of the Holy Spirit) if the issues are being discussed to them in class. Thankfully they all answered no. I would never want my children to have a distorted view of the truth as being monopolized now by Mr. Lozada.I think those who see him as the new hero are so blinded to the fact that he only spoke of the truth because he was threatened by a supposed abduction. Who knows what the truth really is? Only God knows the truth.

Anonymous said...

why are people in manila so 'jumpy' and gullible. O talagang mahilig land sila sa tsismis? kasi ganon din ang mga instigators na priests and nuns.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for understading my point of view. You see, I(The one from the "City of Friendship") am the one who posted the very long yet articulate comment. I send my greatest thanks to the owner(s) of this blog for presenting my view on the front page of this blog. May we all be inspired to reject the political maneuverings done by the "Insurgents" in our country. Let us all strive for PEACE and UNITY, not chaos and division.

Anonymous said...

I do not know if it is my browser or your webpage was ill made. The background is grey while the text is black. This is a ridiculous design for a page. I can hardly read what is written. Viewers might as well click the x button than read your blog. Nakakasakit ng ulo magbasa.


ditto said...

re: black text on grey background

hahaha. tama. just goes to show you how hastily put together this flimsy effort is.

all i can say is that this blog as a whole does nothing but try to convince people that the arroyo administration has a monopoly on high-minded political ideals-- a notion that is at best insulting to one's intelligence.

Anonymous said...

How can you say that GMA and her government is good for the economy?

Nothing hurts an economy more than corruption. We have been losing out on major investments because studies from international financial institutions show that this government is one of the most corrupt ever.

Asa young proffessional, it frustrates to know that my taxes aren't going to the poor of my country or for the improvement of local infrastucture but to the pockets of people like Abalos and FG.

And please stop using "imperial Manila" vs the provinces as an argument. I spent 12 years of my life in Mindanao and know for a fact that GMA is not well-loved there either.

Anonymous said...

Lozada iwas-pusoy sa isyung may 'No. 2'

Kung ano ang tapang niyang tumestigo kontra sa katiwalian, hindi naman direktang masagot at maamin ni ZTE star witness Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada ang bali-balitang may iba siyang babae.

Nitong Huwebes, kumalat ang mga text message na may kabit si Lozada. Base sa text, ang pangalan ng babae ay Marissa dela Cruz.

Pinuntahan ng ABS-CBN News ang sinasabing address ni dela Cruz. Nakumpirmang pamilya dela Cruz nga ang nakatira dati doon.

Pero hindi kinumprima ng nagpakilalang kapatid ni dela Cruz kung totoo nga na may relasyon si Marissa sa ZTE deal star witness.

“Mahirap magkomento diyan. Actually wala siya, out of the country siya,” sabi ng nagpakilalang kapatid na lalaki ni dela Cruz.

Nitong Huwebes, hindi direktang masagot ni Lozada kung totoo ang kumakalat na balita.

“Alam mo iyan wala na silang maibato sa akin tungkol sa ZTE-deal pati ang mga walang kinalaman gusto nilang idamay. Iyun lang ang masasabi ko,” sabi ni Lozada.

Nang tanungin kung may katotohanan ngang may apat siyang anak kay de la Cruz ang sabi ni Lozada, “Ikaw tanungin mo sarili mo kung dapat mong sagutin iyan kung ikaw ang nasasangkot dito.”

Pero sa "Misa para sa Katotohanan" sa Tondo, Maynila nitong Huwebes ng gabi, humingi ng tawad si Lozada sa pamilya at sa sambayanan pero hindi pa rin niya tuwirang maamin kung nagkarelasyon at nagkaanak nga siya kay dela Cruz.

Hindi naman nabawasan ang tulong at tiwala ni Bishop Roderick Papillo kay Lozada. Si Papillo ang isa sa mga naunang tumulong kay Lozada nang unang lumantad ang ZTE witness sa media.

“Ang mahalaga dito ay kung ano ang nasabi niya. Sana ang titingnan natin dito hindi iyung tao kung di ano iyung sinabi niya may tama ba o hindi,” sabi ni Pabillo.

Isang candlelighting ceremony naman ang pinamunuan ni Lozada pagkatapos ng misa para hikayatin ang maralitang taga-lungsod na manindigan kontra sa katiwalian.

Senyor Citizen said...

I apologize for the page design though I won't apologize for thinking that Jun Lozada is a pawn.

Truth is I am a newbie at this thing. I am just an exasperated citizen who does not want to be played for sucker at Edsa again. I'd try my best to improve the looks of this blog and I sincerely appreciate the concern. Though I'd like nothing more than to read comments regarding the content, future advice - and nicknames when leaving comments! -on the "look" of this blog are most welcome.

With regards my political views or the hasty origins of this blog,as I have said in MLQ III's blog, I have this theory that all these fuss about Jun Lozada is a calculated political move by certain interests. There is something definitely wrong with Jun Lozada and Ping Lacson together in one picture. I admit that this blog had been hastily put up but that fact does take away the merits of our political viewpoints. And a difference of opinion or conviction will not keep us - you and me and the rest of society - from interacting.

As JFK said, “The unity of freedom has never relied on uniformity of opinion.”

So there.

Anonymous said...

To Senyor Citizen: I'm with you on the premise that Lacson and Lozada in one picture equals destabilization. I just don't trust that senator at all. And for those who are mocking this blog because they want monopoly of belief, go somewhere else where your beliefs are shared by those like you who are gullible and have no real concern for the country just like the opposition!

Anonymous said...

Well said! Only imbeciles would adhere to the fictitious notions of the opposition. Corruption? You must be kidding me! Nothing has been proven. Only ridiculous hearsays and NO concrete evidence has been presented. Senators Lacson, Madrigal, Allan Cayetano, Jinggoy Estrada and "Chiz-mis" Escudero are all in this together. As a political circus of course!

P.S.: You who say otherwise are the minority and the inept members of the gullible population of Metro Manila who do not necessarily reflect the true interest of the majority of the nation. You Metro Manilans may brag about wealth and classy schools but you have learned no real moral substance. You are a mere bunch of self-righteous anarchists who profit from political melodramas. You better have your own country there in Metro Manila because the majority of the Philippines does support your claims contrary to the exaggerations and lies done by the media.
-Vindictive fury

Anonymous said...

Hah. The multi-sectoral demonstrations in the provinces last Friday only prove that GMA is hated for suppressing the truth (hello EO 464!), not only in "imperial" Manila but in other portions of the country as well.

Anonymous said...

I am from Davao City but working in Manila and I was one of the first group of citizens who went to Edsa during the first People Power. After that I never participated any rally or political protest. I continue with my life and focus with my work.I can only say that after many years I noticed that the politicians, communist activists eg. Bayan, Gabriela, Migrante,etc., radical priests and nuns (mostly they are the one who lives luxurious life and running private schools like Ateneo, La Salle etc.)and the population of Metro Manila are the ones who complains a lot, rebellious and wants to dictate and influence the whole country. We in Mindanao thinks if Metro Manilans want to rule this country we would like to get out of this Republic. It would be better for us to secede and become an independent country just to get out of these spoiled and filthy Metro Manilans. We can't stand anymore of these clowns. We only want to have a stable country, with good jobs and food in our table. Metro Manilans din't care about us. They only think of themselves. I say it would be better for Mindanao to get out and become independent.

Anonymous said...

yes indeed. it was nation wide...50 people sa cagayan, 100 sa iloilo...150 sa cebu....10 sa hinigaran...100 sa davao... ang dami nationwide talaga..very strong statement.

Anonymous said...

I am from Mindanao and I think I agree with what you said...establish our own country. I am sick and tired of the Metro Manila clowns, politicians, oligarchs, communist activists, Makati businessmen, self proclaimed freedom fighters, radical priests and nuns,students and media who endlessly wants to bring down this government. Sa mga taga Mindanao let us now start a movement that will bring independence for Mindanao. That is the only way we can achieve peace and progress in Mindanao. Mindanao is rich in natural resources and we can live without Luzon and Visayas. Or maybe Visayas can join Mindanao to form a new country. Any Visayans and Mindanaoans who agree with me we can unite together and proclaim a new country. We can let Metro Manilans then run their own country like hell the way they want it to be.

Anonymous said...

Yes! We Visayans strongly support that call of breaking away from the filth and suffering caused by the self-righteous radical anarchists of Metro Manila who think they own the country! Visayas and Mindanao are rich in resources that will make them stand independently from Luzon. Let's see how Luzon will be brought to its knees once Visayas and Mindanao proclaim their own united government. Visayas and Mindanao think in somewhat the same views and that it is only Luzon who creates havoc in our country.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I think it's about time Visayas and Mindanao break away from Luzon. It is only Luzon who creates havoc in our country. These people in Luzon thinks we Visayans and Mindanaoans are inferior to them. That whatever they want we Visayans and Mindanaons must just follow them.When I was in the Republic of Metro Manila, there were many instances when I feel discriminated just because I come from Mindanao and speak the Visayan language. Words like, "Bisaya ka kasi eh" implying like I am stupid, ignorant, uneducated and inferior to them Tagalogs. If they succeed in kicking out Pres. Gloria Arroyo who in my view is sympathetic to the plight of Visayas and Mindanao, we should not follow whoever they will install as the new president.It will be the start of our new awakening, the start of forming our own country so we can get rid of these filthy, spoiled brats of Luzon. The problems of our country are in Luzon...opposition politicians, radical priests and nuns,criminals, communist and terrorist NPA's,the Magdalo never ending coup plotters,elitists, oligarchs like the Makati businessmen, the Ayalas, Cojuangco's (Cory is a Cojuangco), the Madrigals, the Lopezes, the biased media like ABS CBN, the student activists, the communist, militant groups like Akbayan, Bayan, Gabriela, Migrante etc.Without these groups our country will be a peaceful and progressive. We can't take them out of our country so the only way we can get rid of them is to get out of the Republic of the Philippines and form our new country consisting of the Visayas and Mindanao. I know there are many of us who share our views. It's about time to act and implement these idea.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we should break away. If President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is fed up with Metro Manila, I suggest she move her office to the south and set her seat of power in the Visayas because we Visayans strongly support her. She should abandon Luzon and consider the Philippines as only Visayas and Mindanao. That would be a spectacular day for me!