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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cat out of the bag

You have to question Senator Johnny Enrile's credibility to argue with his accusation that the entire Lozada affair is nothing but an elaborate plot by Senator Ping Lacson.

In Manila Standard Today's frontpage story, Enrile said that Lacson seems to know every move that Lozada made and was planning to make before and after the latter left for Hongkong. The fact too that Lozada's family have "booked" themselves into LaSalle Greenhills even before Lozada arrived was being questioned by Enrile.

Not a few have been questioning Lozada's motives. According to Vic Agustin's Cocktales, Bongbong Marcos have already said that when he wanted to consult then Speaker Joe de Venecia on a Chinese-related project, he would be reffered to same consultant: Jun Lozada. Agustin's blog also hints at another motive: Victor Corpus. The former NPA rebel and intelligence chief apparently is still smarting over being eased out of the National Resources Dev't Corporation by, guess who, Mike Defensor. Nice job. No not Mike D... nice job, Coktales!

And there's also the Ping Academy. According to the same Manila Standard article, PNP chief Avelino Razon is set to investigate "charges that Lacson used a safe house—referred to as “Ping Academy”—to train witnesses to implicate the President’s husband in the 2005 jueteng scandal."

Well, what can we say?


Anonymous said...

Kudos to Sen. Enrile for bringing this out into the open. Pinoys are just too damn gullible and easily swayed by the bandwagon effect of Lozada-mania. There will always be a hidden motive for people like Lozada, who is not and never will be a hero. Stop poisoning the minds of the youth!

ditto said...

Ah yes, Juan Ponce Enrile, forever the guardian of the truth and enemy of scoundrels everywhere.

You are constantly pointing out Ping Lacson's deservedly shady reputation and yet you cite Enrile at the same time as a champion of the sane in these "insane times." Your slip is showing. Enrile if you haven't noticed is the most notorious creature of political expediency this country has produced in the past thirty years. I am hard pressed to find anyone who has been more identified with the unscrupulous elements of mainstream politics: Marcos, Erap, now Gloria. Perhaps he has a soft spot for the "truth-challenged" politician?

Am I questioning Johnny Enrile's credibility? Yes. By all means, yes.

George said...

I Strongly believe in Johnny Enrile's revelation! The choice is yours!

Senyor Citizen said...

ditto: i won't apologize for Johnny Enrile but will give the man credit though for helping turn the tide in 1986. I have never cited Enrile as the "champion of the sane."
In whatever you political light you view Enrile, your comments have never taken head-on the issue he raised in that Manila Standard frontpage news. Let us hear you refute those....

DITTO said...

And you misunderstand my point.

Ping Lacson is just as much of an opportunist as Enrile, albeit a less successful one. In fairness though, he has been at it for a much shorter period. In all I give Enrile as much credit for EDSA as I do for the cock's crow bringing on the dawn. Ano ka ba? Isipin mo nga yung sinasabi mo. Do you actually think that Enrile would have "turned the tide" at EDSA if he didn't think it would benefit him in the end? I would most humbly suggest that Corazon Aquino had much more to do with bringing about the EDSA miracle than Enrile. But of course I am wondering what you would have to say about that considering that the same Aquino is partly responsible for the "destabilization" that you suggest is going on.

In any case, I would like to think that while Lacson may have his own machinations in place, the Arroyos and their cohorts are more than capable of smelling like rats on their own. You are searching for the burden of proof? I have none to offer. Nobody does. Allegations are all we have on both sides of the fence. And yet for all the slings and arrows thrown against Ping Lacson's and Jun Lozada's way, people seem to believe that the accusatory barbs thrown against Gloria and Mike and the motley cast of sycophants that surround them are all the more credible; believe enough, at least, for them to organize mass demonstrations and yell invectives at those in the power.

The church thinks there is large scale corruption going on in the government, Romulo Neri says so, civil society thinks so, even the tens of millions of people who voted for opposition senators in the last elections seem to agree, and yet there seems to be no truth to this according to the administration. The supreme court declares the bidding process for voting machines anomalous and yet the ombudsman's office declares otherwise. The commission on audit declares that there is an anomaly going on with the disbursement of agricultural funds to non-agricultural areas-- perhaps in order to finance the election campaign of again, Gloria Arroyo, and again the ombudsman does nothing. Finally, the ombudsman again decides that there is something not quite right about the NBN deal and yet waits five months to act on it. Even without mentioning"Hello Garci" there is more than enough for the government to answer to.

Truly there is more to this present sense of outrage than the petty manipulations of Ping Lacson and co. These cries for change have the momentum of truth if not the burden of such to back them up. You might consider that people have seen the evidence and have decided that they are not nearly as addicted to stability as they are disgusted by the whiff of impropriety emanating from the highest levels of government, a whiff that has become overpowering, unavoidable, and, finally, intolerable.

Anonymous said...

these are all lies being peddled by the arroyo regime. deception, insinuations, intrigues and harrassment are the characteristics of this government. just this website, this is all the handiwork of the evil gloria and her cohorts. sana matuluyan na kayo sa mga pera na ninanakaw niyo sa kaban ng taong bayan. at ikaw, senyor citizen...mahiya ka naman. sunog na ang kaluluwa mo sa impiyerno, ayaw mo pang magsisi. kung sabagay ang mga taong katulad niyo ni gloria ay wala namang kaluluwa. mamatay na kayong lahat.

Anonymous said...

If you don't agree with what is being said here, I suggest you look for other blogs that share your sentiments...wag na mambastos. Your just showing the real character of opposition supporters, walang breeding. Kaya nasa isip manggulo ng bayan! Get out of this blogsite!