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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The loudest of them all

Amidst the hysterical calls for revolution and uprising brought upon by Jun Lozada (or Jel as Bondying fondly calls him), there are a tiny voices amongst us that in the end may prove to be the loudest and sanest and may yet save our country from going to the dogs (or, as you please, to the goats).

Disparate groups of individuals and organizations have braved the tumultuous current of popular opinion and called for sobriety and letting the rule of law, not of the mob, reign.

The Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC), a network of denominations, churches, mission groups and para-church organizations in the Philippines, for example, have called for those planning to use extra-judicial means "to be prudent." In a statement, it added: "Our nation can no longer bear any political upheaval. Let’s just wait for the 2010 elections. Such calls for prudence seems like a whisper in din caused by Lozada.

A group of concerned women from the Mahal Ko Bayan Ko have issued also issued a statement calling for “sobriety and true patriotism,” saying we must avoid playing into the hands of “malevolent groups out to grab power by all means”. Such words should lead us to ponder upon the reality of it all. Are we not being played for suckers by some master puppeteers?

Another group calling itself the Kongreso ng Mamamayan, even came out with a full-page ad in the Philippine Daily Inquirer asking us for a long, hard look at Jun Lozada. The ads have made the group a target of criticisms for questioning the popular hero that is Lozada. The said group, in a statement defending itself, have this to ask: "Why is it that whenever a group like us advocate peace, unity and progress, it is branded pro-government and, worse, mercenary? Do our critics advocate civil strife, disunity and backwardness?" Oh, well...

But what if these groups happens to be right? Do we need an Edsa 4 to correct our mistakes again?

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