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Monday, March 10, 2008

Cry Treason

How quick the blows are coming now. From the ZTE-NBN to Spratlys and Joint Marine Seismic Undertaking (JMSU). Why the sudden change in tune?

Far beyond the posturings of Ping Lacson and others from the uncivil society who are trying to unseat the President of the Philippines, far beyond the ineffectual Jun Lozada as the icon of and rallying point for truth, indeed far beyond the ZTE - and now the Spratlys controversy - is the fact that there are unseen hands in the current political crisis besetting our country. The turmoil we are in goes much more deeper than Jun Lozada and Ping Lacson though they are an active part of the plot. Almost the entire political spectrum is being sucked into the US moves trying to get back at GMA for perceived sins of defiance – of showing INDEPENDENCE! Ever since GMA pulled out Filipino troops from Iraq – to save a Filipino OFW’s life – that embarrassed the Americans and for her seemingly warming relationship with China.

The American government had shown time and again that it has no qualms about abusing its allies when the latter step out of bounds and doesn’t care about our political or economic growth. Remember they supported a dictator for twenty years in exchange for military bases. They supported efforts to oust Joseph Estrada yet supplied him with crucial intelligence data (thru Lacson, recipient of “leaks” by the Fil-Am US Marine Sgt., Leandro Aragoncillo, formerly of the FBI and who later worked in the White House staff of Dick Cheney. Aragoncillo turned out to be a double agent) that the opposition used against President Arroyo.

They were meddling then, they are meddling now.

Admittedly the President is paying for the China gambit. Yet as nationalists, isn’t it high time we show the US that they cannot have everything they want, much less a political hegemony? If the current political troubles being faced by GMA are absent, in another less politically-turbulent times, we might have declared her a hero, much as we did the Senate 12 who kicked out the American military bases in 1991. In politically calm waters, we would be hailing her a nationalist. Yet the US had chosen, as always, the perfect political climate to sow their vengeance.

It is not the President who is committing treason. Those who willingly and shamelessly dance to the marching tune of Uncle Sam do.

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